wolfbaggingadj. vulgar slang  The sexual practice where, prior to indulging in anal sex, the receiving anal participant swallows a piece of bacon attached to a length of string. The end of the string hangs out of the recipients mouth and just as the giver is about to shoot his load, the string is pulled, causing the anal recipient to gag and vomit. This gagging and vomiting causes the muscles of her asshole to constrict and give a pleasurable sensation of tightness to the anal giver.
- ORIGIN late 1980's early 1990's: Thought to originate initially from Japan.
- NOTE: This practice was witnessed as part of a Japanese sex show in a club in Kannai, Yokohama, Japan in 1991 and was performed by a Japanese couple. The female of the couple was loosely dressed as a wolf for the sex act, with dog ears, a tail and furry ankle and wrist cuffs.. The 'wolfbagging' was performed with a piece of bacon attached to the string but it was also reported at the time that a partially semen filled condom would also sometimes be used in place of the bacon and string, but generally only at the end of the night.